Who Am I?

A relaxed icebreaker game for small groups

How To Play Who Am I?

Materials Needed

Paper, pens

Give everyone in the group a piece of paper and pen, then get them to write down three facts about themselves along with their name. Once they have done this, they'll need to hand their sheet of paper up to a leader.

Then give everyone a new sheet of paper so they can write down their answers. The leader running the game can read through the facts on each sheet in a random order and everyone playing the game must write down who they think it is. Then you can go through the answers and see who got the most correct.

An alternative to getting everyone to write down their answers individually, is to split everyone into a few teams and give each group a buzzer. As you are reading the facts out, a team can "buzz in" and then guess who they think it is. If they get it correct on the first fact, it would be worth three points. If they get it correct on the second fact, it would be worth two, and so on.



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I have had good success in this game by modifying the rules a bit. Have everyone write down each answer on a separate piece of paper. Put all the answers in a bag. Select one person to start. He draws an answer at random and reads it out. The next person in the circle attempts to guess who the person is that wrote the answer. If they are correct they keep the paper. If they are wrong, the next person in the circle guesses. This continues until the person is discovered. Play returns to the person who was first to guess (the next person after the reader). The winner is the person with the most answer papers. If it is a draw, get everyone except the winners to answer one more question. Then have the winners try to guess one of the new answers.

With large groups it can take a while to get around the circle.

Posted by Andrew 6 years ago

Very interesting, good for ESL students

Posted by Jyothika 6 years ago

This would be a good ESL activity.

Posted by Andrew 8 years ago
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