Which Person Is It?

A relaxed, icebreaker game for small groups and large groups

How To Play Which Person Is It?

Materials Needed

paper, pens (enough for one of each per person)

Divide the youth into two teams.

Give each person a blank piece of paper. Ask them to write 5 little known facts about themselves on the card. Example: I have a pet iguana, I was born in Iceland, my favourite food is spinach, my grandmother is called Doris, and my favourite colour is vermilion.

Collect the cards into two team piles. Have one person draw a card from the opposing team pile and, without looking at it, hand it to a neutral party who stands in the middle. They then read out the facts and the person who drew the card has to try and guess the person who wrote it in as few clues as possible. If you get it on the first clue you receive 5 points then 4, 3, 2, 1, and if you don’t get it at all you get 0 points. You get one guess after each fact is read. The other team then takes a turn. Whoever has the most points wins.

Note: if you put the most obscure facts first, it will add to the confusion, and make it harder for the other team to get points.

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on 28 July 2021

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