Where The Wind Blows

An active icebreaker circle game for large groups

How To Play Where The Wind Blows

Materials Needed

you need chairs/seats. and lots of energy

Everyone sits in a circle on chairs and one person is in the middle.

The person in the middle yells out "the wind blows towards people who _________". Everyone who matches up with what they said has to get up and swap seats with someone else (who isn't sitting next to them). While this is happening, the person in the middle would also try to steal a seat. Inevitably someone will be left in the middle and process continues.

Some examples of what the person in the middle could say are:
The wind blows towards people who ate cocopops for breakfast today.
The wind blows towards people who have been overseas.
The wind blows towards people who play basketball.
The wind blows towards people who have a name that starts with B.
The wind blows towards people who like eating chips.

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on 26 January 2008


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"Wow I’m really late to this. Anyways, one card game that I love playing that I learned as Gorilla involves 1,2,3,4,or 6 people, the middle numbers being a sweet spot for fun.

The deck is shuffled and split into 13 piles of 4 face down. They are then distributed evenly among the players (still face down and in the separate piles) with the extra deck flipped up and in the middle where everyone has access to them. The goal is to get four of a kind in all of your piles using the shared market in the middle.

1. You can only look at one pile at a time. You can not hold two at the same time.
2. When swapping with the market, you must place your card down first before picking up the one you want. In other words, each pile can have no more than 4 cards at once and must have 4 when you put it down
3. When using the market, cards must be placed to be equally accessible to all players, not just to whoever put it down. This is important for the following rule.
4. You are not allowed to switch cards between two separate piles. If you wish to swap between your piles, you must move the card from the first pile into the market by trading, set your first pile down, then pick up your desired pile and make the trade. ( if someone predicts you want to swap a card into another pile, they have the chance to stop you)
5. Progress isn’t meant to be hidden. Every time you complete a four of a kind, the pile must be face up, as someone can check if they have a card you claim to have gotten a four of a kind with.
6. The winner must have all their piles face up and declare “done” when they are done. Everyone else can still race for other placements as someone winning doesn’t prevent anyone else from getting all four of a kind."
Ragerds:Moses Brodin

Posted by Moses Brodin 4 years ago

what is the book title that consist of the big wind blow game ?

Posted by Hane 11 years ago

wow... this is so awesome :D we'll play it later :D yay thnk u sopha have a blessed day everyone :D

Posted by claire 11 years ago

this is like the game i never.

Posted by Cherish 14 years ago

This is my first time to get this game from the internet. I think, this is a very very great game and it can help me more in my Ministry.

Posted by Nelson C. Lumbao Jr. 15 years ago

this is a great game!
It can be played for 45 minutes or just 10 minutes, which is perfect for a time filler.
I am the activities coordinator at a camp and we play a version of this game.
Instead of using chairs, you can just use one shoe or any other place marker.
The kids absolutely love this.

Posted by Maria 15 years ago
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