What If?

A relaxed icebreaker game

How To Play What If?

Materials Needed

Two small pieces of paper for each youth and pens. Two containers to put the paper in would be good but not necessarily needed.

You give each person the two pieces of paper. Tell them to write on one piece a random question starting with "What if?" For example: "What if butter was green?" or "What if our youth leader could fly?" Something like that. On the other piece of paper tell them to write an answer. So to answer the previous questions: "Then butter would be divine." or "Then our youth leader would lay eggs."

After they're done put the questions in one pile or container, and the answers in another one. Mix up the piles, then randomly pick one question and one answer. Read the question first then the answer and enjoy the laughs.

This is a very funny game when the youth put their creativity into it.

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on 14 June 2011
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This is pretty crazy when you combine it with the Snowball Game.....lol

Posted by Dee 7 years ago

We do this at my youth group all the time; the kids love it! So fun!

Posted by J 11 years ago


Posted by 12 years ago

That sounds mad! Definitely gonna give this one a try

Posted by Ethan 12 years ago
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