Pool Noodle Duel

An active, duel, camp game for small groups

How To Play Pool Noodle Duel

Materials Needed

Two blind fold (tea towels)
One pool noodle

Two people face off in a pool noodle duel whilst both blind folded. One person is the defender and the other the attacker. Both stand facing each other with about half a meter distance between them. The attacker says "Wanna duel?!" and the defender must respond with "Bring it on!"

As soon as the defender has spoken the attacker can now strike his first blow and attempt to hit the defender. The defender however is allowed to move which ever way to avoid any blows.

We play a 3 hits / 5 minute game rule, where the game can take a maximum of 3 hits or 5 minutes. Once the game is over you swap sides.

Best set up would be a group of around 30 people max with all of them creating a circle in which the two players face off. The duel becomes hilarious when the attacker cannot find the defender and hits spectators. It is ideal for everyone t stay absolutely quiet.

Added by
Gus Johannes
on 7 December 2021

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