Twice Round the Marquee

An active game for junior youth

How To Play Twice Round the Marquee

Materials Needed

people, and small tokens

You find a large building (whatever one you hold youth in) and you send one leader round clockwise walking and everybody else goes round anti-clockwise (you need a way around the whole building). The leader spots anyone they see MOVING and sends them to start again.

It is a race to get round twice first. To prevent cheating give each anticlockwise person a token for the leader to take if they move. The leader is not allowed to look behind them and the kids are not allowed out of sight of the building.

You need a leader to stay at the start off point to hand out tokens etc.

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on 19 February 2010

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This would also work really well as a night activity if you gave the leader a torch.

Posted by Alex 11 years ago
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