Tug of War

An active camp game for large groups

How To Play Tug of War

Materials Needed

rope, line marker

- Make sure the rope is marked in the middle, and has two other marks 4 metres apart from the middle.
- Mark three lines on the ground 4 metres apart.
- Break up the group into two even teams.

1. Line up the middle of the rope with the middle mark on the ground. The first member of each team should stand on the outer marks on the ground and the rest of the team members should stand in line with the rope continuing outwards until the end of the rope.

2. When you're ready to play, get both teams to pick up the rope and make sure they have a good grip. Call for the tug of war to start and both teams start pulling the rope towards their side.

3. For a team to win, the second mark on the rope needs to cross over the outer ground mark on their side - essentially, they need to pull the other team over to their side.

Extra Rules:
- Rules can be made regarding players falling over and whether that is allowed or not.
- Extra rules can be added, like have other teams cheering/distracting on the side, or maybe even throwing water balloons at the teams.


war, battle


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