Top & Bottom Tag

An active, icebreaker game for junior youth and large groups

How To Play Top & Bottom Tag

Materials Needed

A reasonably open space and players.

Gather your players into two teams. Tell one team to put one of their hands on their head, and the other team to put one of their hands on their rear. Then tell them that if they are tagged by someone on the other team, they must switch (players with their hand on their heads who are tagged by players with their hand on their rear switch to the hand-on-rear team and vise-versa); and that the team that ends with all the players on it wins.

This should adapt easily to groups of different sizes; I once played it with an entire day camp of about 200 kids!

Some notes: Players can switch sides as many times as they are tagged by players on the other team.

One good player can completely rebuild the team they are playing on if it's loosing (If it's loosing too early, hopefully one of your leaders is a skilled player and can switch teams).

Additional teams could be added - hips and shoulders seem like good possibilities - but I've only played it with the two teams.

Game time depends on the number and skill of players - a bunch of great players on one team might end the game quickly, while a large number of players in the game might make it long. If it's too short just run it again; if it's too long declare the team with the most players the winner after your time limit.

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Simply have the teams tag the anchored arm.

Posted by 11 years ago

1) Not sure I'm reading your question right, so I'll answer two ways; and as always, come up with your own solution for your group if it's a problem:

1A) My solution would be that if both parties involved in a tag feel they tagged each other, just have them both switch teams.

1B) If you're asking about how you know anyone on one team tags anyone on the other team, the tag-ee switches their hand to the position of the tag-er. So if I'm on the bottom team, and a top person tags me, I put my hand on my head and play for the tops. One team wins when everyone is on that team (everyone has their hand on their head, for example).

2) Tags are your free hand contacting some portion of the opponent's body/arms/head/whatever feel is safe and fair. If that doesn't work for your group modify as needed.

3) Only one (1) hand is used to identify what team a player is on - they choose which hand to use for tagging and which to use to self-identify. They shouldn't switch hands unless they are tagged though (No left-hand-on-head and right-hand-tagging to right-hand-on-head to left-hand-tagging just because there is an opponent on the player's left).

Posted by Anon 12 years ago

One question - if both teams can tag each other, how do you know who tags who? Does a tag have to involve your hand touching their body? And if you're trying to tag people while trying to keep your hands on your head or bottom, how do you do both?

Posted by Shorty 12 years ago
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