The Toothpaste Game

A team-building food game

How To Play The Toothpaste Game

Materials Needed

Face mask or blindfold, toothpaste, small cup

Divide into teams of three.

One person needs the the toothpaste and mask in each team. Another person needs to be on the ground with the cup in there mouth and the last person is going to be standing there directing the first person to help him/her to squirt the toothpaste into the cup.

Set a short time limit and whichever team gets the most toothpaste in the cup wins.

It might be a good idea to play this outside or lay down some newspaper underneath so the floor won't get dirty if people miss the cup! Even have some towels/water ready so the kids can wash the toothpaste off their face.

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on 6 July 2012

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