The Random Object Game

A relaxed, icebreaker, non-contact game for small groups

How To Play The Random Object Game

Get everyone on the video call to take ten seconds to choose a random object from their house or the room they're in. When everyone is back and ready with their random object, you'll now be able to explain the task.

Version 1: Get to know you
Explain to the people in your group call to take it turns to use their random object to share something about themselves - it could be how they are similar to the object or why the object is special to them or their family.

Version 2: What's God like
Explain to the people in your group video call to take it turns to show everyone their random objeect and try to connect it to God - maybe answering the question 'How is God like this object?' or 'How is God not like this object?'


God's character

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on 26 March 2022

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