The Name Game

A relaxed icebreaker game

How To Play The Name Game

Materials Needed

sheet (not see-through)

This is a great get-to-know you style icebreaker. To start off, maybe get the group to stand in a circle and everyone says their name in order.

Then, split the group up into 2 teams and get them to bunch up either side of the middle line. Get 2 leaders to hold a large blanket or sheet up in the middle of the room, so that neither of the teams can see the other team.

When all this is set up, get each team to silently choose a player to move up to the blanket. Then on the count of 3 drop the blanket. There will be 2 players facing each other - the first player to name the other player correctly wins!

Make sure you don't have any reflective windows on the side of the room - my youth group has been known to use that to their advantage!

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on 22 December 2007

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