The Floor Is Lava

An active team-building no prep game

How To Play The Floor Is Lava

This great imaginative game doesn't require any prep or planning and can be played on a whim.

Essentially, players need to start in one spot and reach an end point with only one condition - the floor is lava! This means that players need to use objects around them (furniture, pillows, chairs, walls etc.) to travel around. If a player touches the floor at any point, then they will either be completely out of the game or need to go back to the start (depending on the rules you decide on).

Depending on the area you're playing this game in, you may need to decide on additional rules, like whether you are able to move furniture or whether you need to use it as it currently is.

Players can race each other to the end goal, or work together as a team.

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on 13 June 2020

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