Target Tag

An active team-building game

How To Play Target Tag

Materials Needed

Scrap paper

Prep: have each person write their name on a piece of paper and fold it in half. Each person pulls out a piece of a paper and spreads out (no peeking at the paper).

Play: When the leader says "go", everyone opens their paper to find out their "target" to try to tag. When a target is tagged, the target joins teams with the tagger(s) and has to place their hands on each others' shoulders and move as a group. The group takes over the target's target. Last one left wins.


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on 3 December 2011


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Revised. Played this game a few weeks ago and it was a hit! After you hand everyone the paper with their target on it, tell them not to open it yet. Turn off the lights and give them a minute to hide. Turn the lights on and tell them to open their paper.

When a person gets tagged they hand their target to the person who tagged them, who is their new target. What I like about this game is that no one else knows who is looking for you, or who you are looking for. So everyone is a tagger and a taggee at the same time.

If you have cheaters: turn the names into code, and wait to give them the code until they have hidden. (i.e. A = B, B = C, etc...)

Posted by 10 years ago

we tried this at our youth group, with people not knowing who was chasing them, and it didnt work, in about 3 seconds there was just a line, and it was awkward.. but i think if u line them up and say that they're chasing the person to their right/left. then it might work..

Posted by Anon 10 years ago
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