Talkin Bout Your Generation

A team-building, icebreaker, music, simulation game

How To Play Talkin Bout Your Generation

Materials Needed

Depends on the challenge. May require some preparation.

Played this game in a fairly large youth group but could work for smaller groups too! If you are familiar with the tv game show Talkin bout Your Generation there is a challenge at the end where they say 'Which Generation Is Best at...?'

The challenge could be anything really but an example I chose to see which generation knew cartoons the best. I assembled pictures of various cartoon characters and they had to identify and organize characters by era.

The best thing about the game is we actually had people from Gen X (some leaders), Gen Y (leaders and older youth) and Gen Z (younger youth) and it was interesting to note which characters were more familiar to other teams.

The game went really well and there was lots of fun!

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on 13 May 2011


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This could be a good ESL game.

Posted by Andrew 6 years ago


Posted by 10 years ago

This might help - Talkin' Bout Your Generation TV Show Wiki.

Posted by Shorty 12 years ago

i still don't understand

Posted by Tedi 12 years ago
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