Swamp Crossing

A team-building relaxed game for junior youth

How To Play Swamp Crossing

Materials Needed


Divide group into two teams. Give each team 3 "rocks" (construction paper cutouts about 1 1/2' x 1 1/2'). Make a start and finish line (maybe 30 feet apart) and tell them that they must get their whole team across without touching the water, using only these rocks to get across.

They may move the rocks as they go, however, only one foot can be on a rock at a time. A cool puzzle to try and figure out! Great for building cooperation skills!

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on 16 June 2008


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How many people would you put on each team - with only 3 rocks?

Posted by Susan 7 years ago

i well try this game..it looks interesting for the yp...

Posted by 12 years ago

Yes, and it can be edited for winter months to be "Hot Chocolate River" and instead of rocks, what goes in hot chocolate? MARSHMALLOWS, of course! :)

Posted by SusieQ 12 years ago

This seems to be like a great game... letme get this right... all on one side(start side) and the whole team at the same time is trying to move to the finish line with these three rocks... this is correct?

Posted by Leslie 14 years ago
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