Stocking Ball

An active duel game

How To Play Stocking Ball

Materials Needed

several pairs of queen size stockings, rolled up athletic socks

Your kids will either hate this game or love it. If people don't want to play, it's also really funny to watch.

Get queen size stockings (not panty hose) and stuff a rolled up athletic sock into the toe so that it looks like a tadpole. This is a stocking ball. Make several of these cos' either they get sweaty or the elastic stretches out.

Split into two teams and have them sit on opposite sides of a spread out blanket. I ask for volunteers since this game makes people look pretty silly. You take one person from each team and have them meet in the middle of the blanket. Contestants must remain on their knees at all times.

Give each contestant one stocking ball and have them put it on their heads over their ears (like a hat) but leaving the eyes so they can see. They should put it on as securely as possible. Give them a little time to get used to their stocking balls. They should be able to swing it around in a circle (like propellers) using just their heads. No hands allowed. Then the combat begins.

The object of the game is to pull your opponent's stocking ball off their head using yours. This is achieved by swinging the stocking ball around in circles until it gets tangled with the opponent's. Then you try to pull it off without losing your own in the process. It helps if the two contestants begin their rotation in opposite directions. Keep playing until one team is eliminated.

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on 16 June 2008


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Thanks alot for the Idea

Posted by Caitlin 11 years ago

We play this game with a tennis ball in the panty hose instead of socks in stockings. And the kids aren't on their knees, they stand up. It's a lot of fun.

Posted by Lo 14 years ago
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