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How To Play Squirrels

Materials Needed


Everyone gets into groups of three. Two people stand facing each other and join hands to create an arch they are the tree, the third person crouches underneath it and becomes the squirrel.

You need one extra person to be the 'caller'. (If you have odd numbers you can have two callers)

The caller can shout one of three things.

1 - "Hunter" If hunter is shouted then all the squirrels run to a new 'tree' the 'caller' then tries to steal the place of a squirrel. If they are succsessful then the person left without a tree becomes the new 'caller' (*The trees do not move)

2 - "Fire" If fire is shouted the trees move to a new squirrel, they must find a new partner to create a tree over a squirrel. The 'caller' then tries to steal the place of a tree leaving someone new out and they become the new 'caller'.

3 - "Earthquake" If this is shouted then everyone moves and takes a new position as either a tree or a squirrel. Again the 'caller steals someones place and a new 'caller is made.

I play this with all ages from 6 - 19 and they love it.

Added by
Paul Forster
on 27 April 2012


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This was great!!
We adapted it a little, by just having 1 leader being the caller. They way students got out, was by being the last ones or if they didn't end up with a squirrel/tree.

Posted by Narelle 6 years ago

This game sounds fantastic! Going to go give it a shot this afternoon!

Posted by George Hill 9 years ago
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