Speed Ball

An active team-building sports game

How To Play Speed Ball

Materials Needed

Pinnies, or team indicators, ball (preferably squishy), masking tape, teenagers!

Divide the kids into two teams, even numbers of guys and girls on both team work best!

Make one team pinnies and one not.

Set up goals by putting a line of masking take to make a large rectangle end zone at least 4 feet deep and the length of the playing area and have the ball held in the middle by a leader.

The game is started by two people from each team coming into the center and the leader throwing the ball in the air, much like in basket ball, the players hit the ball and whoever picks it up starts the game, but often someone catches it.

The goal of the game is to pass the ball from team member to team member to try and make a goal. The ball cannot touch the ground or it goes to the other team. When a team member catches the ball, they cannot move, they have to stand where they are and pass it to another person. Kids can run around and move if they don't have the ball. A goal is made by the team if someone on the team catches the ball in the end zone.

Guys get really into this game, and sometimes overlook the girls playing even if they are open. So it is good to encourage them to throw the ball to the girls.

The game can end at any time, when a goal is made, the game starts in the center and points are added up. If you have a certain amount of time, it is good cause you can end the game at any time, and whatever the standing score is determines who wins.


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What sucks about my classes is there is not a equal amount of either. I have probably 25 males and only 1 female in one class. My other classes are the same. They always give me just males its weird. This is my second year teaching

Posted by Coach Godsey 5 years ago

also make it more girl friendly by saying guys can't pass to guys, but girls can pass to anybody!

Posted by billyjack 12 years ago

Another option to be sure that more people are included (this is kind of similar to Shorty's idea) is to make a rule where you can't pass it back to the same person who passed it to you - this keeps two guys from dominating, while the rest of their team watches the game...just a thought.

Another one - the ball has to be passed from a guy to a girl (or vice versa). Guys can't pass to guys, and girls can't pass to girls...just another thought.

Posted by 1YouthLeader 12 years ago

when we play this game we add a spin to it that includes the girls. The girls use the ball and the boys use a frisbee. It inculdes the girls but makes the game quite crazy with two game going at the same time in the same field at the same time. one thing is that they both(boys and girls) can intercept the others but have to pass it right back to a girl on and can not score on that pass.

Posted by Briner 12 years ago

One good way to include the girls in the game if you find they are being left out by the guys, is to make it a rule to pass it to everyone in the team before you score a goal. Or make it that a girl has to be the one to catch it in the end zone. Or that the ball has to passed to a certain number of girls before a goal can be scored. Don't know which of these would work best, but might be worth trying out if it's an issue for your youth group. Thanks for the game suggestion Youth With Insight!

Posted by Shorty 12 years ago
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