Spaghetti Fishing

A food game

How To Play Spaghetti Fishing

Materials Needed

Canned Spaghetti, Large Bowls, Prizes, Goggles, Glad Wrap.

This game can get very messy! The better your prizes... the messier it will get!

This game can be played with as many people as you wish, from two upwards. But remember, the more people you have, the more spaghetti you need, and so it becomes more expensive.

Fill the bowls with Spaghetti (1 or 2 cans should be enough). Then put the prizes in spaghetti. (Prizes need to be small enough to be covered by the spaghetti.)

A good Prize to use is simply some money covered in glad wrap.

Your contestants stand infront of a bowl full of canned spaghetti, with their goggles on. On "Go!", the contestants need to bury into the spaghetti with their faces (No hands allowed!) and fish the prize out with their mouth.

The first contestant to fish out their prize gets to keep it!

Be sure to lay a tarpolen on the floor (if you're doing it inside), because if your contestants want the prize badly enough, a good tactic is to use your nose to scoop spaghetti out of the bowl so there's less to fish around in!

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