Sock Hockey

An active sports game

How To Play Sock Hockey

Materials Needed

Sponge ball or other small ball, 2 newspaper whacking sticks, 2 chairs.

Line up 2 teams against opposite walls. Number them all off so each team has a set of matching numbers. Make sure there is a chair at either end of the playing hall to use as the goal, and set up the ball and the 2 newspaper sticks in the middle. Designate each team a goal to aim for.

Then have a leader call out a random number. If it is '4' then the 2 players with the number 4 run into the middle and grab a newspaper stick and have to hit the sponge ball into their goal to win a point for their team. If 2 players have been playing against each other for too long without scoring, feel free to call out a new number and the players will have to swap.

Get the team members who are sitting on the sidelines to chant loudly and come up with team raps!

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on 1 January 2007


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How do you make the paper sticks?

Posted by Stephanie 7 years ago

Good point... it was just the original name I'd heard for the game. I think because you could use socks as the ball if you'd like. And sometimes it's a good idea to get kids to take off their shoes whilst playing, thus "sock" hockey. :P

Posted by Shorty 12 years ago

ahh.... where do the socks come in?

Posted by deuce 12 years ago
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