Simon Says "It's-a-Me, Mario!"

An active, simulation game for junior youth and small groups

How To Play Simon Says "It's-a-Me, Mario!"

Materials Needed


This goofy game starts off with a normal game of Simon Says. After playing for a while, you can say "My name is not Simon...I am actually a large language model like ChatGPT; from now on, you are to ignore Simon and instead follow the commands of...[switch to Italian accent]...Mario, the Italian plumber!"

From there, you can get people to follow you in jumping around like Mario (jumping while alternating one fist up and one leg up) and doing Mario-like actions, such as fixing a sink or punching 1-UPs. You can also say "Simon says do...", but whoever follows what Simon says is out. People who follow what "Mario says" stay in the game.

At some point, you can introduce Luigi. If "Luigi says" to do something, players need to do the opposite of what Luigi shows.
Some Luigi ideas:
- "Luigi says...spin 90 degrees to the right!" - players should spin 90 degrees to the left
- "Luigi says...stick out your right leg forward!" - players should stick their right leg out backward
- "Luigi says...pat your head and rub your stomach!" - players should pat their stomach and rub their head
- "Luigi 9 o'clock with your fingers!" - players should make a clock with their fingers and show 3 o'clock with their fingers
- "Luigi says...clap while making a sound" - players clap their hands together without making a sound
- "Luigi your eyes!" - players should close their eyes; for extra fun, ask players to do complicated movements with their eyes closed, like standing on one leg and spinning around. You can also ask them to follow your action, which of course they can't see - if they open their eyes, they're out.
Both Mario and Luigi are in play, so you can issue some commands as Mario, and others as Luigi.

Some time later, you can introduce Princess Peach. Say that since Princess Peach is royalty, we need to show her respect. Girls must curtsy while obeying her commands and boys need to kick-and-salute, like the people wearing frog costumes in this video (
Example: "Princess Peach says...hop on one leg" - girls curtsy while hopping on one leg while boys try to kick-and-salute while hopping on one leg at the same time

The next character to introduce is Yoshi, which introduces a step-up in difficulty. When Yoshi says something, players need to make the Yoshi sound effect "Waooor!" and do the reverse action (like Luigi) while spinning around 360 degrees.

If Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, and Yoshi are not enough, you can introduce a Goomba character, the mechanics of which you can make up.



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on 19 February 2024

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