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How To Play Screamer

Get the group to stand in a circle facing inwards. Choose one player to stand in the centre of the circle. This player needs to control the pace of the game. They must firstly say "heads down" and the rest of the group in the circle must immediately look down & close their eyes. When the centre player says "heads up" all of the players in the circle must then look up and focus their eyes across the circle at a random person. If they lock eyes with someone else (without moving their eyes) both players who locked eyes must run to the middle of the circle screaming/yelling as loud as they can. They need to get to the vacant spot on the other side of the circle as quickly as possible. The player in the middle needs to get there before them so they can swap out.

When multiple players lock eyes, there are obviously multiple players running through the centre of the circle screaming and it can become a good, fun, energy-expending game!

Caution: Watch out for players being rough when charging through the centre. Tell everyone to be mindful of running in to people - this is not the aim of the game.

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on 1 March 2011

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