Running Twister

An active game for junior youth

How To Play Running Twister

Materials Needed

4 coloured pieces of paper – green, yellow, red and blue
Twister spinner (can be played without if needed)


Decide on a playing area and place a coloured piece of paper on each of the four walls or boundary lines.
Get everyone in the group to start the game in the middle of the playing area.
This game is best played with some music in the background


The leader spins the Twister spinner and yells out the result. If you don’t have access to a twister spinner, you can find on online, make your own or just call out whatever comes to your head.
For example, the call might be “right foot red”. All the players will then have to run to the red wall and put their right foot on it. The last player to get to the wall is out. Keep going until only one player remains – they are the winner! (Give them a prize!)


Add more colours – throw out the standard twister spinner and bring in some extra colours. You may need to make it clear which sections of wall belong to which colour.
Place the colours on the floor – instead of using the walls, why not put a few pieces of coloured paper together on the floor. Then players can run to stand on that coloured paper area… things could get squishy!
Add more body parts – go beyond the traditional feet and hands… why not use other body parts too, like ears, noses, heads, elbows and knees.


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