Run 'n Raid Relay

An active game for junior youth

How To Play Run 'n Raid Relay

Materials Needed

Large quantity of objects (ie. balls or cards or markers)
Buckets, two per team

Divide your group into even teams. Get them to line up behind each other on one side of the playing area, so each team should be in their own lane with an empty bucket in front of them. On the other side of the playing area set up another bucket for each team, filled with objects.

When the game starts, each team must send one player at a time to race to the other end and bring back one object from the other side. The twist comes when a player can choose which bucket they take an object back from.

The relay race finishes when all the buckets on the far-side of the playing field are empty. Now simply count up the objects each team ended up with and see who has the most!

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on 26 February 2023

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