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How To Play Rocketball

Materials Needed

Vortex (rocket ball), field markers

There is many different ways to play this game - I think the key ingredients are using a decent vortex and allowing some tackling.

It basically works like ultimate frisbee if you've ever played that before, if not, I'll explain.

Mark out a field on an oval with 2 goals, 1 at either end. The goals need to be squares. If a team catches the vortex while standing in their goal, a point is scored. Before this can happen you can add in a rule which forces the team to share the vortex around to 5 people, this makes the game more interesting.

The tackling rules will depend on your youth group, so I'll leave that up to you to decide.

On the field, if a player catches the vortex correctly it's like netball and no one can tackle them. Players may stand in front of them and defend them. If the vortex is dropped on the ground, it is a free for all and anyone can get it. Ball ups can be used if it's not going anywhere.

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on 25 September 2007

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