Remember Me?

A relaxed icebreaker game

How To Play Remember Me?

Materials Needed

Bed Sheet.

Get your two teams to mingle together for a couple of minutes, and introduce themselves to each other.

The two teams sit on either side of the bed sheet. Two leaders pull the bed sheet up, hiding both teams from each others view. Then both teams select a player silently for the round, and both players move and sit facing the bed sheet in the middle. When the leaders can see that both players are ready, they drop the sheet so they can see each other.

The first player to yell the other person's name wins a point for their team.

Keep playing rounds until everyone has had at least one go.

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on 23 September 2007


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This is actually a tricky game to make work for video calls but I do believe it's possible. The approach I would take is to make it an individual based game and to get everyone to turn off their camera (so it's audio only). Then the leader (host of the zoom meeting) could prompt an individual at random (by using the direct message in the chat interface or sending a message separately) to turn on their camera. The first person to then guess say that person's name out loud wins.

Posted by Joel 2 years ago

hi! just wondering how i might modify this game to make it good for video calls? I use zoom software

Posted by Aysh 2 years ago

Thank you so much - We've just started a Youth Group in our Church at Eastney, UK, and these games have been such a hit. God bless you and your ministry. Every blessing! May His kingdom come!

Posted by Persis 4 years ago

Gonna play this tonight with the youth group....really looking forward to it! Thanks for sharing

Posted by Noah 4 years ago

We are having picnic in the morning and found this website. Got all my 3 games for the veteran care group in humid Singapore.

Hunter, Fire and Earthquake
Remember Me

Posted by John 4 years ago

well this game was fun and my team did win thankfully this game is awesome

Posted by tahge lowe 5 years ago

this is great

Posted by ike 6 years ago

i havent tried but after hearing good comments i will try

Posted by victoria 6 years ago

yoo was searching for something exciting for youth here i got it thanks good people this is great.

Posted by [email protected] 7 years ago

This is great

Posted by Gift ED Blair 8 years ago

Good game, thanks

Posted by Mercy lighe 8 years ago

thanks for sharing! sounds like a really fun game!

Posted by LY 8 years ago

I like this game.

Posted by piya 9 years ago

Wow! this a great source of our ministry's capacity building resources,the Lord bless you for your fabulous ideas.

Posted by wamkota evans 10 years ago

I loved the games because they taught me a lot in how a youth can have fun without going to clubs and doing wrong things.

Posted by Aila joshua 10 years ago

I like all the games and I cant wait for us the youth to play them...... YPG in the UCKG OF RUNDU,NAMIBIA

Posted by selma joshua 10 years ago

haha funny.

Posted by dianne asis 10 years ago

Thanks for what you shared.

Posted by RAKSMEY 10 years ago

good game i will try with my support group.

Posted by lunga 10 years ago

This is a great game and works wonders with small groups of maybe 50 or so :)

Posted by Jessica 11 years ago

I facilitate team building for a wide range of groups. I have done this game for Chamber of Commerce groups and they love it! Also works great for youth and younger. Thanks for the post!

Posted by Justin 11 years ago

This game is great. We played it when we organize a youth exchange in Kosovo. We had 51 people from England, Estonia and Kosovo. Everyone had fun and loved playing this game. I think everyone should try it with your group. Its really good and everyone enjoy playing it. So try it.

Posted by enis from kosovo 11 years ago

Ok. this games sounds great! we have this new curriculum in our kids church. and to be honest.. their games arent so hot! I think this game will be a hit and a great way for our kids to get to know eachother(:

Posted by Amy Likes Bagels 12 years ago

good day i am from south africa and love this site

Posted by eeslan josephs 12 years ago

We are soon going to start our youth group. And this. Site. Is very. Helpful. :)

Posted by Candy 12 years ago

This game was amazing we played it at Family Camp with our church and it was funny to see who knew each other and who didn't, because our church is pretty small. A little embarassing at times but altogether really fun!

Posted by Natalie 12 years ago

In my youth group, instead of points, whoever lost that time had to switch sides.

Posted by Kira 12 years ago

I'm from South Africa and tonight will be my first time leading a Young Adults (18-25) group and all these games are getting me excited.

Thank you very much :)

Posted by Melba 12 years ago

Hey I'm from the states and LOVE this website works great for our newly started youth group!!!

Posted by Don 12 years ago

Another great website is the following link below. I have found multiple great group games! check it out!
This is a great site 2! :)

Posted by Ashley 13 years ago

sounds good!,. i'LL try this with our caregroup,. thanks,.

Posted by Dancel 14 years ago

good game good good

Posted by jawanna man 15 years ago

This site is great as i just started a youth group and was running out of games to play!! I haven't found one aussie site like this. Thanks!

Posted by Catherine 15 years ago
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