Quick Switch Chasey

An active no prep game

How To Play Quick Switch Chasey

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Usually played in a hall, this game requires 2 even teams. 1 team kneels down in a line through the middle of the room, ensuring there is plenty of space for people to run around them. They must kneel in a pattern of 1 player facing one way, then the next facing the other way.

The other team needs to run around the group of players in the middle. 1 player from the kneeling team is chosen to be "it". They must chase the other team around - if they tag a player, that player then sits out. At any stage, the "it" player may touch a kneeling player on the back and swap with them. The kneeling player must go out the way they are facing and the "it" player must touch them from behind.

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on 1 January 2007


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We call this game Cat and Mouse. We also use chairs but I’m intrigued but the idea of kneeling which makes it a no prep game. The team sitting on the chairs are the cats and the mice can “fit” through the spaces between the chairs while the cats can’t. This makes the cats have to run all the way around the end of the row or tag a partner on the back to continue the chase. The person in the chair gets up (but must make sure they continue in the direction they are sitting - don’t cross the row of chairs, only the mice can do that). The mice survive longer by weaving in between the row while the cats must use team work to catch the mice. We time the event and then the teams switch roles but we only let one mouse in at a time and when they are caught the next mouse comes into play. The team that lasts the longest as the mice win.

Posted by Joshua 1 year ago

This helps to understand it. Ian, your explanation was perfect. I knew exactly how to play it and the video confirmed your rules.


Posted by Eric 5 years ago

We call this the chair game (we don't make them kneel but sit on chairs) and it is a major favourite!

Posted by Katrina 6 years ago

In India it is called Kho-kho

Posted by Naveen Gaikwad 7 years ago

Here's a go at explanation. There are 2 even teams (example: 6 players in each team). The arena should be rectangular in shape (the length being the longer side of the rectangular and the width the shorter side). 5 out of the 6 players in team 1 kneel in a straight line, in the middle of the arena. The kneeling players should be spaced about 1.5 metres apart from each other, across the length of the arena. Picture yourself standing at the base of the arena (the width edge); the first kneeling person should be facing towards the left, the second kneeling person should be facing towards the right, the third should be facing the left...and so on. The 6th player of team 1 (not kneeling) is the one that is it, and will be the chaser.

Team 2 also has 6 players, but they enter the arena one or two at a time. The aim of team 2 is to be in the arena as long as possible without being tagged. Start the stopwatch when the first player enters the arena. Once tagged, they are out and the next player in team 2 enters the arena and tries to avoid being tagged. When all 6 players of team 2 have been tagged and are out, stop the stopwatch and record the time. Team 1 and team 2 then switch positions (Team 2 is now kneeling and team 1 is running and trying to avoid being tagged). The team that lasts the longest in the arena wins.

Rules: The team that is running (Team 2) can run freely in the arena. The team that is chasing (Team 1) can only run around the outside of the kneeling players (i.e. they cannot run through the spaces between the kneeling players. Example: If the running player is on one side of the arena, and the chasing player is on the other side and the line of kneeling players is between them, the chasing player cannot go through to the other side by going through the spaces between the kneeling players. The advantage of the chasing team, is that the chasing player can tag the back of one of the kneeling players. When this happens, the kneeling player that was tagged then stands up and becomes the chaser. The previous chaser then takes the position of the kneeling player.

Posted by Ian 8 years ago

could u explain it a lil better im not getting it. :(
but soumnds fun!

Posted by cherish 13 years ago
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