Question Circle Rotate

An icebreaker circle no prep game for large groups

How To Play Question Circle Rotate

This is a fantastic "get to know you" game. Split the kids into two groups - tell one group to sit in a circle facing outwards, and the other group to sit in a larger circle facing inwards. Make sure the numbers are even and each kid should be facing another kid.

Have some good introduction questions pre-prepared and start the game off by telling the kids what question they need to ask their partner. Give them a minute or two to chat to their partner (not too long because some un-talkative kids may get awkward!) then tell the outside circle to move two or three positions to the left.

Repeat this process a few times so you can ask a few different questions and each person will get to talk to a few different people.


get to know you

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on 9 February 2012

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