A food game

How To Play Queggs

Materials Needed

A catapult, and any number of eggs

The aim of "Queggs" or 'Quick Eggs' to those unfamiliar with its witty title, is a game were one person (normally a leader) will stand at a catapult or slingshot and shoot eggs at the youth groupers.

The kids are approximately 20-30 metres away, depending on the power of your slingshot.

The slingshot leader shoots the eggs and the aim is for the kids to catch a "quegg" without it breaking.

Added by
Jesse Rosenberg
on 8 January 2011


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What an awesome game!!! Another adaption we tried was Quoctopuses, but its slightly more pricey when it comes to budgeting

Posted by Poongooey 9 years ago

hahahahha what a crap game

Posted by big man pete 10 years ago

i played this once, and i split a kids skull open, it was probably the most exciting youth night of the year. the only problem was the cost of the ambulance, otherwise, great game :D

Posted by bobenstein 11 years ago

play nice... these are youth group activities after all. You don't need to get all wacked

Posted by Julie 11 years ago

I played a similar game to this over the holidays only it uses waterbombs and tennis balls instead of eggs. Worked really well for a less messy version of the game. I might post the actual rules to the version I played soon.

Posted by Shorty 11 years ago

I agree with Bob. I was the victim of bullies when I was a child due to my slim bodily structure and my severe acne, and I was inevitably attacked with eggs. Needless to say, the impact of the egg cracked my skull, and the injury in turn led me to have a severe phobia of eggs. My life has been a constant struggle since - even at the slightest mention of the word "breakfast" I collapse to the floor and shake violently in the fetal position, sucking my thumb as my mind is flooded with horrific images of Humpty Dumpty

Posted by Concerned Youth 11 years ago

You sound like the sort of guy who should be playing taming the tongue


Posted by steve smith 11 years ago

This game, whilst sounding fun, seems rather dangerous dont you think? couldnt people get badly injured from this???

Posted by Bob 11 years ago


Posted by mattroe 11 years ago
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