Pillow Basketball

An active camp sports game

How To Play Pillow Basketball

Materials Needed

basketballs, basketball ring, pillows

Split your group into teams A and B. With each team having an equal amount of girls and guys. The guys from team A take the court first. All they have to do is make as many points as possible - lay-ups, jumpers, three-pointers are all allowed.

The girls from team B are to take the court armed with pillows. Their job is to do their best to make the guys miss, by beating the snot out of them with the pillows. They can hit the ball away, or just haul off and hit the fellas as they are shooting.

After 2-3 minutes have the teams switch, team B's boys go on the court to shoot while team A's girls get the pillows. The time limit of 2-3 minutes is best cause, the girls don't realise how incredibly tired they get swinging pillows.

It's a blast and the girls absolutely love getting a chance to beat on the guys and get away with it.

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on 19 May 2008


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Hi, I was just about to comet the exact same thing.It is a very sexist game, but it does sound like a lot of fun. I think that if it was mixed so both boys and girls play mixed as girls are capable of being able to shoot a couple hoops and guysare capable of beating people with pillows.
Kind regards, Karen Philligan

Posted by Karen 4 years ago

Yes, this game is incredibly sexist and perpetrates gender roles. Very irresponsible.

Posted by bryan 6 years ago

How incredibly sexist

Posted by Josh Tanner 13 years ago

This is a great game. We've also used squirt guns to add a little mix as to what the girls use. All in all the challenge for the guys is a lot of fun.

Posted by Josh Tanner 14 years ago
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