Penny For Your Thoughts

A relaxed icebreaker game

How To Play Penny For Your Thoughts

Materials Needed

5 cent pieces

Each kid gets a coin. When asked, they share something significant that happened to them the year the coin was made in.

This is basically just a novel way to get conversation flowing and is probably best played with older kids who have been alive longer :P (make sure you check that the dates on the coins are not before the kids were born!)

It could also be a good way to split groups up (ie. one group can be the 1970s, another the 1980s etc)

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on 16 June 2008


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Interesting, not just for kids.

Posted by WillB 5 years ago

I love this game..

Posted by Jojo 7 years ago

these are some good games.

Posted by laquvia 9 years ago

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Posted by speeseecrew 12 years ago
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