Now That's What I Call Latin

A relaxed, icebreaker, duel game for small groups

How To Play Now That's What I Call Latin

Materials Needed

Projector ideally, however can be done with no material at all - except whatever you have lyrics on.

This can be done with team Vs. Team, or everyone Vs. everyone.

Go to google translate, and translate any of your favourite lyrics into latin, and then back into English. Most cases the lyrics will look slightly different, and will create a bit of a fun challenge. I've noticed that some chorus' can be a little too easy. So go for bridges or well known verses.

It works better using google translate on a laptop, as using a phone can translate it back to original text.

For example: "The boy, however, are the light of the world like no other
Your head gets you to flip me breathless"

Answer: What makes you beautiful - One Direction

scores for correct answer, most points win!

Added by
Ben Nicholls
on 4 November 2019


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This game will be great for online youth club. I'm guessing the children have to guess the song from the re translated words.

Posted by Alison 3 years ago

you have the lyrics prepped before hand, then yu display it on a screen, and see which team can guess it first for points

Posted by HK 3 years ago

and so....
whats the game part of this exactly?

Posted by Daniel 4 years ago
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