Moo Cow Mines

A team-building food game

How To Play Moo Cow Mines

Materials Needed

paper plates, flour, water, dye, blind folds, jelly

Set up "cow pats" along a track about 50m long.

"Cow pats" consist of paper plates with either jelly or flour, water and food colouring on them.

Blind fold the players. We meant for the game to be a slower one where the kids are guided by voice by their team mates through the mines, ensuring they didn't step on them.

BUT as it turned out, they all just made a run for it, stepping on the mines as they went. While this game did not go to plan, it was equally as fun with kids running with plates of goop stuck to their feet and then later these served to be great ammunition to throw at people.

Time consuming to set up.

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on 31 March 2008


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hehe, i bet you could play the real version. Just let a heap of cows out on a farm track for a day, then make them run blind-folded and bare-footed :)

Posted by 11 years ago

A completely terrible game, that the kids absolutley loved. Great ammo.

Posted by Kostin 15 years ago
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