Man Diddy Watcher

A relaxed camp circle game for large groups

How To Play Man Diddy Watcher

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I remember playing this game way back in primary school days. Awesome fun. It's similar to "Doggy doggy who's got your bone" but a little different.

Get to group to sit in a circle. Put a chair in the middle. Choose one person to sit in the chair and blindfold them. Place a set of keys or an object under the chair in the middle. Then the game begins.

One of the leaders who isn't playing will select a player sitting in the circle group to sneak into the middle and try to steal the keys.

Meanwhile, the blindfolded player on the chair has to listen carefully to try to hear where the stealing person is. When they think they know where the stealer is, they must quickly point. If they point at the player, the player is now out and they swap around. However, they are only allowed to point 3 times. If the stealer manages to take the keys without being caught, they must return to their position and then the whole group chants "Man diddy watcher someone's got your keys."

The middle player takes their blindfold off and gets three guesses as to who has their keys. Simple.


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on 17 January 2008


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Is there a time limit for the person trying to steal the keys?

Posted by Austin Haines 5 years ago

Slang most likely.

"Man, did you watch her?" a hunch. ;P

Posted by Pat 13 years ago

Does "Man Diddy Watcher" mean anything in Australia? :) Cuz I sure don't recognize it! (Canada)

Posted by Nick Spacek 15 years ago

I like the idea of a batton!

Posted by Paula 15 years ago

We play with a batton instead of pointing, heaps fun :P!

Posted by Carlie 15 years ago
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