Lima Bean Relay Race

An active, team-building game for junior youth and large groups

How To Play Lima Bean Relay Race

Materials Needed

One Straw for each team member, one bag of lima beans. 2 paper plates for each team. You may need more than one bag of beans if you have a large group.

Give each team member a straw. Place two tables about 10 feet apart. One the first table have a paper plate filled with lima beans. On the second table have another paper plate to deposit the beans on.

The object of the game is for the teammate to suck a bean up and run to the other table and deposit the bean on the second plate. The players return to the back of the line.

You do not need to wait until the player returns to the line for the next person to start.

This is a timed race, game continues until time is called. If the bean bounces off the plate it does not count. If teammate drops the bean before getting to the second table he returns to the end of their line.

We played this at camp last Memorial Day and the kids from 8-18 years old loved it.

Added by
Chris House
on 6 May 2009


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Just be careful no one falls on their straw!

Posted by Tom 14 years ago

that is a great idea;;;;;;;your the bomb

Posted by norma 15 years ago
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