Jelly Bobbing

A mini-olympics food game

How To Play Jelly Bobbing

Materials Needed

Jelly, lifesavers or small lolly.

Jelly bobbing is like bobbing for apples... only we're using jelly instead of water and lollies instead of apples. Give each contestant a bowl full of jelly and hide some lollies in it (*It's a good idea to use a lolly with a similar colour the jelly). The first player to find and eat all the lollies without using any hands wins!

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on 20 September 2007


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Chelsey, in Australia Jelly is jello, what you call jelly we call jam, what you spread on your toast.

Posted by Lisa 9 years ago

This works better with jello instead of jelly. because the jello is see through and a little less sticky. =]

Posted by Chelsey Shockley 11 years ago

it sounds fun but if ur having 15 people over for a party u will have to make alot of jelly

Posted by 1234 12 years ago
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