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How To Play Jell-o-rama

Materials Needed

Gellatine, ice-cream containers

Using gellatine, make a slab of jelly in an ice-cream container (you have to increase the consistency to enable the jelly to be more firm so it stays as a cube when you get it out the container...I'm not sure what this consistency around with it a bit, you'll figure it out :))

Split everyone up into teams and it's basically just a relay- the idea is that each member of the team has to run through with the slab of jelly, carrying it whatever way they find best (I recommend holding it in your shirt).

The winning team is the one with their block most intact/with the most jelly...from my experience, it's not hard to pick the winner as most teams end up with just a handful of jelly left, but it's a good excuse to get a bit dirty :)

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on 2 October 2007


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Brilliant! Added a 2 teaspoons of gelatin to every sachet of jelly and it worked a treat. Naturally it ended in a massive food fight too : )

Posted by hwy.vaughan 11 years ago

We did this as the finale to the Messy games night- made the girls run the relay twice.

The jelly was 2 flavour packets + 1 packet of gelatine and then 2 cups warm, 2 cups cold water.

Posted by Marie 12 years ago

Just played it a few hours ago, worked well, but was over pretty quickly. A great quick game. Used an third extra gelatin and it crumbled delightfully. Awesome game.

Posted by Kostin 13 years ago

we played this game on Friday at our annual messy food games night! It went off! We used extra gelatin in the jelly so it stayed together quite well - didn't taste that nice though. Great game.

Posted by Shorty 14 years ago
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