Human Traffic Lights

An active, icebreaker, drama, music game

How To Play Human Traffic Lights

Materials Needed

Music Player

Whilst the music is playing, all players must dance around the room and when the music stops players must bop down. Last person to bop down is out. Remaining players will await further instruction, being one of the commands from below. Players who are not in a group are out. The music starts playing again and the remaining players dance around the room. The game ends with a "shoot out" between the last two players.

"Strike a pose" - each player strikes their best pose, worst pose is out

"Camping" - one player kneels of the ground and another player stands over them like a tee pee.

"Traffic lights" - one player sits cross legged on the ground, one player kneels behind them and one player stands behind them both, all players must "blink" with their hands.

"Top Gun" - three players stand in a line shoulder to shoulder, the outside players pretend to be the wings of the plane whilst the middle player is the pilot and one person stands in front of the pilot pretending to be the nose of the plane.

"Can Can" - five players line up shoulder to shoulder and link arms and do the Can Can.

"Brady Bunch" - three players kneel on the ground and three players stand behind them, all players must clasp their hands and have big smiles.


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on 3 February 2012

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This could be a good ESL activity. Students need to listen to the commands which is good practice. And the command list could be greatly increased. For ESL activities I try *not* to eliminate people - their learning tends to stop once you do. So instead, give every person tokens - maybe one or more playing cards or if your budget can afford it, lollies. Then, when a player loses take one token from them. The one's who have tokens left at the end are the winners. I usually just let them eat their lollies. Lollies are also a good way of finishing the game quickly - the sooner you finish the game more sweets people get to keep.

Posted by Andrew 8 years ago
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