Human Relay

An active team-building no prep game for large groups

How To Play Human Relay

Each team stands in a straight line behind one another at the start line. When the relay commences the first member of the team has to carry the second team member across to the finish line. Once there the person that was carried has to run back to the team and carry the next person across to the finish line. The game is finished when all team members are over at the finish line.

You may wish to suggest to the teams to plan out their order in the line according to who needs to carry who. (It works the easiest if you go from strongest or heaviest to the weakest or smallest - you may wish to let them figure it out also).

The youth from year 8 to post high school loved this game! It is also very amusing to watch and I recommend recording it on video!!

Added by
Sarah Baggaley
on 30 April 2010

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my guus loves your games. good stuf. God bless

Posted by desmond 12 years ago
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