Human Noughts and Crosses

An active game

How To Play Human Noughts and Crosses

Materials Needed

chalk/rope/spraypaint/Duct tape - basically whatever you have handy to (approriately mark out the game grid.

Draw a giant sized Noughts and crosses grid in the middle of the room/yard/field. Divide your group into two teams and get them to number off.

Line up the teams on opposite walls/sides of the field. The game leader calls out random numbers and those 'numbered' players from each team have to race to the middle to claim a square. They 'own' a space only when they have formed either an X or an O above their head using their arms. Teams win each round according to the usual three in a row rules of Noughts and Crosses.

To change it up, you can call out more than one number at a time and watch the chaos ensue. Set a target for the number of wins that a team must have to win the game based on how long you want the game to last.

When we first played this we thought it would be a nice warm up game, but the group really got into it and it became quite competitive. Depending on the rules you set it can be played as anything from friendly competition to a full contact sport.


Strategy, teamwork

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on 7 February 2014

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