Giant Dutch Blitz

An active, team-building, camp game for small groups

How To Play Giant Dutch Blitz

Materials Needed

For 3 teams
1. Each team gets 20 cards (1 poster board cut in half)
2. Each team’s stack of cards consists of 5 of each color (red/blue/green)
3. Each color is 1-5 and has that teams shape on the back (triangle, circle, or square)

1. Each team puts 8 cards in a discard pile with the top card facing up.
2. That leaves 12 cards “in hand” or on the ground to flip.
3. When the game starts each team flips over 2 cards at a time that they have “in hand.”
4. You must put down a #1 first to put down a #2. If a #1 is out on the field you can immediately play a #2 on that card.
It could get dangerous in the middle.
5. The goal is to get rid of all of your 8 discard pile cards.
6. You can only play a color number on top of the same colored number (green 2 on a green 1).

Added by
Sam Lavender
on 30 March 2017


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Thanks Gabe. I'd love to see that posted here so that I can use it sometime.

Posted by Sam 4 years ago

Well explained, Sam. Thanks! We've a similar game called Nerts, played with regular cards.

Posted by Gabe 4 years ago

1. This game is a simplified version of Dutch Blitz. It can be played in a gym, fellowship hall, or outside.
2. It’s designed for 3 teams. A team can consist of at least 2 people.
3. Each team gets one stack of cards (18 cards)
4. Each team’s stack of cards consists of 6 of each color (red/blue/green)
5. A card is a poster board cut in half (You need to buy 9 poster boards of each color: blue, red, green)
-Any three colors is fine.
6. Each team’s stack consists of three colors. On one side of the 6 blue cards they are numbered 1-6. On one side of the green cards they are numbered 1-6, and on one side of the red cards they are numbered 1-6.
7. So one team has 18 cards (1-6 of red, blue, and green.
8. After the game is played each team will need their cards back. The easiest thing to do is to put a shape on the back of their stack. I put one shape on the back of one team’s cards (Triangle, Square, or Circle)
9. That way when the game is over you can retrieve your triangle cards easily.

How to play:
1. Shuffle your stack of cards well. (A deck consists of one shape on one side and 3 sets of cards (red 1-6, blue 1-6, and green 1-6).
2. Each team puts 8 cards in a discard pile on the ground. Flip the top card over so that you can see the number.
3. That leaves 12 cards “in hand” or on the ground to flip over. You could call this the deck.
4.. When the game starts each team flips over 2 cards at a time that they have “in hand.” These are pretty big so the teammate is flipping them over on the ground to see what number comes up.
5. The object of the game is get rid of all 8 cards in the discard pile.
6. To put cards out into the middle of the field you must put down a #1 first. If someone else does then you then look for a #2 in your stack. Either from the discard pile or from the pile “in hand.” It has to be the same color as the #1 on the field.
7. The goal is to get rid of the discard pile. So if the top card is a #5 red in your discard pile, you have to wait till you see a #4 red out on the field.
8. If you can’t get rid of the top card on the discard pile then just keep working the 12 cards “in hand” as much as you can. Eventually someone will lay a #4 red out in the field so that you can run the red #5 out there to put it on top.
9. The first person to get rid of their 8 discard pile cards yell’s “blitz.”
10. If no more cards can be put out on the field but no one has gotten rid of their discard pile then everyone can flip over just 1 at a time in their deck cards. Before they flipped 2 at a time. This might open up a few more numbers to be put down on the field.

Once you play a couple times it goes quicker.

Posted by Sam 6 years ago

This sounds a like a good game but I think it needs to be explained with more detail. These instructions don't allow you to play as they are too vague. What is a #1 and # 2 card. what is the "middle" and "field" what is the purpose of the teams ?

Posted by Edward 6 years ago
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