Gag in the Bag

A food duel game

How To Play Gag in the Bag

Materials Needed

Several cans of food, bag, paper

You'll need to buy a selection of cans and then number them off. (Don't take the labels off though) Put pieces of paper with the same numbers on them in a bag. Select 2 to 4 volunteers to take the challenge. Each player has to then pick a random number from the bag and eat the entire can of the corresponding number.

It's good to buy some cans with easy foods (like spaghetti) and some with hard foods (like mixed beans) and some with even harder foods (like something spicy?).

This is a game that I've actually yet to play at my youth group... however I did purchase all the canned food ready to play it on a recent camp. Unfortunately I took all the labels off and then someone pointed out that kids may have allergies and it's probably not the best idea to do it without ingredient lists. Definitely a good point.

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on 24 September 2007

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Do the kids have to be blind folded and guess what they are eating or is it a race to see who eats it the fastest?

Posted by Amanda 14 years ago
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