Fruit Basket Turnover

An active game for junior youth and large groups

How To Play Fruit Basket Turnover

Materials Needed

chairs for everyone minus one

Everyone sits in chairs that are facing in a circle except one player - that one is in the middle. Go around the circle and give everyone 1 of 3 fruit names (or 4 or 5 - depending on how many is playing and don't forget to give a name to the one in the middle). The youth leader (or the one in middle, if youth leader wants to play) will call out one or two fruits. Those who have that fruit as their "name" must get up and go to another chair, . . . FAST! We have a rule that you can't go to the chair next to you to make people run everywhere. The one in the middle tries to find an empty chair so someone else will be "it" and not him. Or, call "Fruit Basket Turnover" and EVERYONE must find a new chair.

You could keep playing on and on or someone can be "out" when they have been in the middle more than once - just be sure to put one chair out and place someone else in middle to keep playing.

You do not have to use fruit you can use anything, like biblical names, or numbers, or books of the Bible, just don't choose too many. Keep it about 3 to 5 different "names" depending on the size of the group.

We love this game and play it quite often. It is a blast! Hope you enjoy!

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Tiffany in USA
on 11 August 2008


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We play a similiar game and call it "I've never..." The person in the middle cannot lie, so they have to come up with something they have never done. For example: "I've never broken a bone/had braces/eaten kangaroo". Anyone in the circle that HAS broken a bone/had braces/eaten kangaroo then has to change seats. It's amazing the things you learn about people and the things they have or haven't done!

Posted by Alyce 14 years ago

We use this as a 'get to know you' game. Everyone who gets in the middle has to say their name & then something about themselves (preferably not what they're wearing). If the people in the circle have done/like/etc the thing that the person in the middle said, then they change chairs. Same rule of not sitting in the chair next to you or going back to the same chair.

Posted by emily 14 years ago

Well the sky is the limit... but here a some suggestions:

- If you ate cornflakes for breakfast
- If you are wearing odd socks
- If you have a shower at night/in morning
- If you have ever wanted to be a firefighter
- If you are wearing jewellery

Hope those helped!

Posted by Shorty 15 years ago

we play using questions, like "are you wearing blue" but i wanted to know it you had some good questions. ones that are interesting.

Posted by brooklyn 15 years ago
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