Food Basket

An active memory circle game for small groups

How To Play Food Basket

Materials Needed

Pool Noodle, Number of Chairs Depending on Group Size

1) Set up the chairs in a large circle facing the middle. There should be one chair less than the number of people in your group.

2) Everyone playing the game must think of any food--apples, pudding, pizza--but they must be different from other people. After they do that, they must try to remember each other's foods.

3) Get everyone to sit in a chair except for one person. Hand that person the pool noodle (food basket).

4) The person with the pool noodle must repeat their food followed with another person's food.

5) The person with that food must jump out of their chair and repeat their own fruit followed by another person's food before sitting back down.

6) The person with that food must do the same thing, and the process continues.

7) However, this is where the pool noodle comes in. If someone is too slow and cannot say their food and another person's food, the person with the pool noodle can hit them anywhere from the legs down. (The straggler cannot run away.)

8) If someone is hit, they must take the pool noodle and go in the center, starting over the round. The person who handed off the pool noodle will say their food along with somebody else's food, and the game begins yet again.

9) Have fun!



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This would be a great ESL activity. Food is a good category. But any category could be used - animals, adjectives, weather, etc

Posted by Andrew 8 years ago
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