Endless Bases Kickball

An active sports game

How To Play Endless Bases Kickball

Materials Needed

kickball or bat and ball, many bases, I.E. cups/paperplates/chairs/papers/anything that you have a lot of that can be used as a base.

This is a pointless game my students made up, one day when they were bored.

It is played just like kickball or baseball, except there are as many bases as you want there to be, the more the better. The hitter must touch each base, but is only safe from being tagged out when they sit on the base.

You can play this with teams, or with just a few kids. If you don't have enough for teams then all the students can form a line to kick. The pitcher will also catch and tag out the hitter. If the hitter makes it home then they become the pitcher.

The person next in line to hit should be the umpire.

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P. Josh
on 1 July 2010

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Pretty rad idea :P

Posted by Tristan 13 years ago
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