Drop the Keys

A relaxed circle game

How To Play Drop the Keys

Materials Needed

You need a chair or designated seating place for each player except one. You also need a large set of Keys that will make noise when dropped.

Everyone in the group takes a seat in their chair or designated seat, which seats should be arranged in a circle. There should be a large space in the center of the seating area. (We have used couches and bean bags. You just have to make it clear how many designated seats are on the couch etc. like one person per cushion)

The person left without a seat is 'it' and they take the keys and stand in the middle. The 'it' person selects a person who is sitting down and that new person has to hold one hand of the 'it' person and tangle their body around the 'it' person as best they can. Then the new person chooses someone else who is sitting to hold their other hand and tangle themselves. One at a time people are chosen from the sitting group to grab a hand and twist and tangle themselves into the growing group in the middle.

At any time during the tangling, the "it" person decides to drop the keys. The keys should make a sounds when they hit the floor and everyone has to scramble to find a seat. The last person who is left without a seat becomes 'it'.

This game can last for more than an hour. It is fun to play with boys and girls but I have played it several times with just girls and it is still very fun!

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on 5 June 2008

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tangling with teens may get a little inappropriate. Maybe just have them spin like they were dancing.

Posted by Jasmine 12 years ago
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