Dizzy Donkey

An active game for junior youth

How To Play Dizzy Donkey

Materials Needed

Cardboard or paper, scissors and two chairs.

Love this game - so funny...

1. Beforehand, cut out a pair of donkey ears using the cardboard or paper.

2. Split your group into two even teams. And line each team up single file down one end of the room. At the other end of the room set up two chairs side by side. (you may want to put some distance between the chairs here to avoid collisions as people tend to go wildly in all directions)

4. Have the first two competitors line up at the starting line. To get them completely whacked dizzy have them hold their nose, thread their other arm through the middle (like an elephant trunk), bend over and spin around quickly drawing circles around themselves with their arm pointing to the floor and almost touching the floor. (I dare you to try it...)

5. Once sufficiently dizzy shout GO. The competitors must pick up their ears holing them up to their head like donkey ears and run to the other side of the room. First person to sit on their chair wins.

6. Spin up the next pair of competitors and let the chaos begin - again.

Another variation we tried was giving people faux donkey tails to wear. To achieve max impact get people to run as soon as possible after spin up.

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on 25 June 2010

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This is absolutely fabulous! Although some of the kids didn't spin quite so fast as they could have. I think it was just me who spun so fast I couldn't get off the floor! great game, will definately play again. Makes for some great photos too.

Posted by Rebecca 11 years ago
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