Dirty Nappies

A mini-olympics food game

How To Play Dirty Nappies

Materials Needed

Nappies, any wet object that can be smeared onto a nappy, preferably stinky and poo coloured (remember this can range from brown to yellow to green :D)

I played this at a baby shower, but I am reasonably confident it can be adapted to be youth-orientated...

Basically it involves sniffing dirty nappies and guessing the 'mess' that has been deposited in the nappy...

We had about 10 nappies, all with different stains that were all vaguely poo coloured (nutella, some rotten smelling spice stuff, tabasco sauce etc). You give the players a sheet to write what they think is in the nappy the person with the most correct is the winner...

This can be adapted however you want, I just found the nappies to be highly amusing...

This is best played as a part of a larger game (ie. as a 'station'), not quite long enough to keep youth entertained, but definitely an amusing one, i personally was dry reeching from some of the little 'poops' :P

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on 10 February 2008


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We played it so if you got it wrong you had to put on said nappy

Posted by Robbie 9 years ago

They're called nappies in Australia XD

Posted by Richard 11 years ago

They're called diapers.

Posted by Brianna 11 years ago

why would you eat dog food!?!?!??! sicko pups

Posted by gross 12 years ago

We are having a baby night and will include this one. My wife played a similar game at a 'baby shower', where each variety of chocolates from a box of 'Favourites' was smeared into the nappies and players had to match them up for points.

Posted by Stuart 13 years ago

cool game.... worked good....thanks samara

Posted by bunzy 13 years ago

very weird and very gross

Posted by sandra 14 years ago

Tried this at youth group and we had 4 groups, we sent out 1 person from each group then brought them back in 1 at a time and they got points for the correct ones... personal favourite was american mustard, the stuff with seeds in it.

Posted by Ash 15 years ago

My high-schoolers played this game, only we used various chocolates: Kit-kat, mounds, reeses, etc. Since they all basically looked and smelled the same, part of the fun was that they had to eat a small bite of the "poopy". They had sooo much fun with this!

Posted by Bob 15 years ago

We played this at youth group last week in teams and it was a real hit. The best part was watching all the kids dry reaching as they opened each nappy to discover what was inside!
"poops" we used were:
mushy peas
cocoa powder + flour + water
curried egg
minced sultanas
parmesan cheese & garlic paste
dog food
They had a great time and got right into it. Thanks for the idea!

Posted by Elyse 15 years ago
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