Cups and Downs

An active team-building game

How To Play Cups and Downs

Materials Needed


This game is best played with a small group.

Place 20 or more cups in the middle of the room, put half of them upside down and the other half the right way up.

Divide the group into 2 teams and give each team a name (ie ups or downs) - the 'up' team needs to turn as many cups up the right way as possible, and the 'down' team needs to flip them upside down.

When the allocated time limit is over, count all the cups and whichever team has the most turned up their way wins.

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on 7 November 2007


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This looks like a really fun game, perfect activity for everyone to enjoy on a gathering or social event. Thanks for sharing this idea!

Posted by Jenjo Games 2 years ago

Good recommendation from Andrew, for small groups of 4-6, have it be 30 second tag team style with one in from each team turning over. You can play this with cards also, careful from people hiding or kicking the cards!

Posted by Troy 4 years ago

I think I am going to try this. I may make it a tag team type of game though where only one player from each team is going at a time. Then, at the sound of a whistle, those two players must return and tag the next person on their team.

Posted by Andrew 6 years ago

We guys enjoyed too this game is played with my cousins and we had so much fun 😀 I really enjoyed

Posted by Afra 6 years ago

My guys became confused as to whether they were turning the cups "up" or turning them "down". But they had fun. So really great game.
To make it harder they had to run from one end to the other carrying their team flag, and continue to hold their flag up while they turned the cups up or down.

Posted by Adeline 6 years ago

Just say you can't turn the same cup over twice in a row....

Posted by Jill 9 years ago

This is a great game! Thank you very much

Posted by joel 12 years ago

Both teams play at the same time.

I guess the only problems that might arise are if each player just hovers over a particular cup. I think the more players you have, the more cups you'll need. And it's best to state a rule that you can't be caught hovering or guarding a cup. Maybe even have an umpire who can disqualify people if they're doing that.

Posted by Shorty 13 years ago

so, do the teams play at the same time? so working against each other to turn each other's cups back the other way? or is it one team at a time?

Posted by Liz 13 years ago

Awesome Game! I have been trying to think of a quick to set up, but fun game--not to mention not much mess. This is a fantastic idea. Thanks Shorty! :D

Posted by Ben G. 13 years ago

When my kids played this game they crushed all the cups so that no one could win. So tip for others; you may want to tell the kids that all cups need to be intact and maybe even in a certain area (my kids were also hiding cups). However, regardless of how wild this game got, they still loved it.

Posted by Becky 14 years ago

Is this best to let everyone go all together at one time or have like a time limit for each person? We have a class of approx 25 people? Thought this might be fun for LOGOS Wed night but wondered which way worked best for you?

Posted by Tina Mitchell 14 years ago
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