Cross Country Spoons

An active no prep game for large groups

How To Play Cross Country Spoons

Materials Needed

pack of cards (maybe a few depending on how many players).

Everyone's played spoons right? (if you don't know how to play, ask anyone at your youth group, they'll know....if that fails, google it!) The beauty of this game is that you can make it as hard or easy as you like. It involves all the same rules as normal spoons, except instead of lining the spoons up in the centre of the group, find a place far away and put them there! It's preferable to place obstacles between the playing area and the spoons, and probably better played outdoors (but maybe you'd like to mix it up? like start indoors, with the spoons outside!) Could even get messy, bit of commando action even!
(note: i entered the duration as 10-30 min, but you can obviously play for hours if you like)

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on 17 September 2007


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Great question. If you're playing with a big group, you'll need more cards. Combine as many decks of cards as needed to allow everyone to have at least four cards. Of course, a game of this with 50+ people might be stretching it a little bit far as collecting 200 cards and reshuffling each time will be a bit of extra work - but it's possible!

Posted by Joel 2 years ago

Quick question, this is posted as a big group game for over 50 people. How does this work for that many people since you would run out of cards by the time the deck made it all the way around?

Posted by peggy 2 years ago

We call it Kamakazi Spoons! We played with like 9 of us in the lobby of a hotel. It was really funny to watch people run for the spoons that we didnt always know where they were.


Posted by britt 15 years ago

This is a great game, but in the summer time we added a slip and slide that people go down. The spoons are located at the end of the slip and slide.

Posted by Mark 15 years ago
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